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We are a husband and wife photography team based out of Gaithersburg, MD who are dedicated to documenting your special day!

My name is Mike, together with my wife, Claire, we service Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

we love weddings

Why do we love weddings? It begins with, I DO.  I DO love the story that unfolds before us.  I DO love the emotions that are seen during a wedding day. I DO! 

Sharing one’s life with the one they love is a beautiful story to tell….

Our Passion


Hi, there! I haven’t always been a wedding photographer.  A hobbyist photographer – yes, since I was a young man.  But, photographing weddings – no so much.  I let others tell me what my experience would be.  Without experiencing it for myself.  I’d hear, “There’s too much pressure to be a wedding photographer.”  Or, “Do you really want the pressure of photographing weddings?”  That was years ago.

My first wedding taught me a huge lesson… go with the flow.  It was scary, things went sideways, but I learned to pivot, adapt, and move on!  I’m going to let you in on a little secret, marriage is exactly the same way!

Today, it is my passion to be all about your wedding day.  I have enjoyed telling the story of many couples who decided to have THEIR story told through my photographs.

Think of me as the person behind the scenes of Visualized Light Photography.  I am an outdoor girl who spends much of her downtime hiking, walking, or gardening.  However, when it comes to wedding photography, I like to think of myself as an assistant who knows their way around a camera!

While Mike loves photographing weddings, I love keeping him on track!  I will help him ensure the day runs smoothly… from capturing wedding and venue details to the moments that happen when no one is looking!

Together, we inspire each other and we love to bring that inspiration and energy to the weddings we have the privilege of photographing!

Your Story Begins...

We love telling wedding stories! Every wedding is an investment, in each other and those in our lives.  They take a lot of preparation and planning. We are here to help relieve the stress of documenting your day.

Our wedding collections start at $3000 and if you find we are within your price range, please reach out to us by email, phone/text, or this form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Spots fill quickly, so contact us today!